Terms & Conditions


It is our objective to ensure that all our onsite guests enjoy their stay at Rocky Point.

We do not allow any type of large gatherings or parties on the estate or in any of the holiday rental homes as the nature of the estate is tranquil. Rocky Point is for those wanting a quiet relaxing getaway. Management reserves the right to evict persons who do not adhere to our rental policy and those of their booking agents. This document will be considered a first warning. No second warnings will be given.

  • For the comfort and safety of all property owners/guests on the estate all guests must follow the policies of Rocky Point Estate. Please read the house compendiums to familiarise yourselves with the Rocky Point charter and adhere to the signs around the Estate.
  • Misconduct and misuse of the property and/or estate facilities is prohibited. Each property/house on the estate has a maximum guest limit.  We do not allow any large gatherings or parties of any kind to be held within the houses or Rocky Point land or facilities. No excessive noise, loud music or disruptive behaviour will be tolerated. Groups from different houses may converge in the common areas e.g., pool or cabana but must not converge for long periods (e.g., over 2 hours) within the houses.  Noise limits still apply.
  • Noise is considered excessive when other individuals on the estate are disturbed.
  • A maximum of three (3) vehicles are allowed at each property. NO BOATS / TRAILERS can be accommodated unless discussed with the onsite managers well in advance of your stay. All vehicles must be parked in their nominated parking lots and not on the side of the road.
  • It is the policy of Rocky Point Body Corporate not to make bookings for Weddings, Hens nights, Stag nights, Party groups or Schoolies. Any intended use of the properties for such purpose is grounds for cancellation of your reservation.
  • Management reserves the right to photograph any damage or negligence for the Estate and/or house records.
  • The maximum number of guests allowed into each property is as per your booking agreement sheet. All guests must be listed on this sheet. We DO NOT ALLOW external visitors onto the estate or the facilities. Please speak with onsite managers should you have any questions or requests relating to this agreement.

Please note this is a requirement for any booking at any of the properties in Rocky Point Estate.

I have read and understand all the policies and procedures listed above and agree rental of the property is conditional upon abiding by the policies of my rental agreement with the agent and Rocky Point Body Corporate. Should there be any damage or extra cleaning for which my guests or I are responsible I agree to forfeit the damage deposit to cover any of the necessary costs. By signing this form, I consent to any action which may be necessary to evict me from the property or Estate and/or hold me financially responsible as noted above if the policies and procedures are not followed.

The Rocky Point Charter and Principles of Operation

Rocky Point is a special place.

The land that comprises the ‘Rocky Point’ development is owned by seven individual families or groups of families who have chosen it as their special holiday retreat.

Rocky Point was developed with very specific design and lifestyle values in mind – a reverence for the unique beauty of the Rocky Point environs, a care for the natural fauna and flora of the area and a desire to embrace the special spiritual quality that comes with the solitude and serenity of the place. This means that Rocky Point is more than just another holiday getaway. It is a place for individual relaxation, regeneration, meditation and inspiration. As well as a place for families to gather, enjoy and pursue the diverse recreational pursuits available at Rocky Point.

The owners, their friends and invited tenants, should appreciate the philosophy underlying Rocky Point and observe the code of behaviour to which the owners subscribe so that all people who come and stay will be able to have the quiet enjoyment of the place which they deserve. In broad terms these principles are as follows:

  1. Care and Preservation of the Fauna and Flora

We would wish all residents to treat the animals, birds, trees and wildflowers of the place as if it were a National Park. This means they should not be harmed, injured or threatened. In this way the animals in particular will come to see our property as a sanctuary and will make it their home. Likewise the native trees and plants, as well as the introduced plants and trees, should not be damaged or tampered with. The wildlife should not be fed at any time.

  1. The Swimming Pool, Tennis Court and Cabana Area

These facilities are for the enjoyment of all residents and their guests. They should be looked after as if they were your own, which means cleaning up after their use and putting away in the cupboards afterwards.

Food is only allowed in the Cabana area or on the beach. Food is not allowed in the pool compound, on the tennis court or in the changing facilities.

No items of furniture are to be removed from this area for use anywhere else and in particular, nothing other than pool toys should be put in the pool.

No children under the age of 11 are allowed to use the pool without adult supervision.

Bookings for the use of the tennis court should be made for no more than 2 hours at a time. They can be made by signing up at the cabana booking board.

No personal effects should be left at the compound overnight. They should be stored at the individual home.

The Body Corporate recreational facilities are for the quiet enjoyment of all residents and their guests/tenants. Guests are kindly asked to ensure that noise is kept to a minimum and that if children wish to play loud and competitive games, they reserve these activities for the beach.

  1. The Beach

The Rocky Point beach (Honeymoon Bay) can be a dangerous place to swim when wave and wind conditions are adverse. Please observe the utmost care when using the beach to swim or surf.

Guests are also asked to ensure they do not leave rubbish on either the beach or the foreshore area. The owners would encourage anyone who uses the beach to pick up any debris found on the beach and place it in the body corporate rubbish bins. This way we can contribute to the maintenance of a pristine beach environment.

  1. The Houses

Each of the beach houses is owned by a separate family or families. While there are no obvious demarcations of where the boundaries are between one property and the next, guests are asked to respect the privacy of all guests when moving about Rocky Point.

Guests are requested to keep the noise from the house stereo system to a level that will not intrude on the privacy and pleasure of other owners or guests staying in neighbouring homes.

  1. Security

Rocky Point is private property. Only guests, their friends and authorised tradespeople are allowed on the land.

  1. Water

Water in a remote location like Rocky Point is a precious resource. Please use water wisely.

  1. Fire

Fires should not be lit anywhere on Rocky Point land. Fires can only be lit by the owners who have a fire permit and under supervision.

  1. Caretaker

The owners of Rocky Point jointly provide for the caretaking of the property as a whole. The caretaker is not provided to serve as a personal guide or assistant. The caretaker is responsible for the security, maintenance and smooth operation of the property as a whole.

In the event of an emergency the caretaker can be contacted and will offer support.

We, the owners and their families kindly ask you to respect this Charter and associated

principles and trust you find as much pleasure staying at this unique place as we all do.

For and on behalf of the Rocky Point Body Corporate.

Cancellation policy

100 % refund if you cancel at least 60 days before check-in

50 % refund if you cancel at least 30 days before check-in

No refund if you cancel less than 14 days before check-in